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1st Annual Uptown Tent City Sleep Out

Saturday Aug 29 at 11:00am to Sunday Aug 30 at 11:00am

In the Park at the NE corner of Marine Drive & Wilson Avenue
West of the Lake Shore Drive & Wilson Avenue Viaduct

Tent City in Uptown: A Sleep Out and Protest

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The park district, law enforcement and local leaders continue to displace the homeless under the lake shore drive viaducts and along the lakefront parks. We see these attacks as part of a larger strategy pushed, most notably by Alderman Cappleman, to eradicate the homeless from the Uptown neighborhood entirely. Many of those who are now being harassed once had housing that was bought up and flipped by local developers with the help of local city officials. In protest along with the homeless themselves, we will be sleeping out in tents to bring light to this war waged by the city on Uptown’s most vulnerable. This protest will call for more low-cost housing in the neighborhood, an end to harassment of social services and shelters by the alderman and city, an end to the mass evictions of those who are near homeless, inclusive people based development, an end to the mass removal of the homeless under the viaducts and in parks.

Bring a tent, sleeping bag, or shopping cart and set up camp with us. We’ll be on the grass, under trees, wherever. Make sure there’s room to pass, so no blocking the sidewalks, simply be a presence to show solidarity with the homeless. Bring protest signs if you are able to.

Protest with us as long as you can. Feel free to bring food if you have any to share!


Save the date: August 29, 2015

1st Annual Uptown Tent City Sleep Out

Yes, you read that right!

We are camping overnight in the Park to protest and combat homelessness.

August 29, 2015 – Save the date!

Facebook event invitation and press release are to be released shortly, please check back soon!

Same location as ‘Tent City in OUR City!’ but more tents and participation. Bring your whole family, invite friends and co-workers please.


Humble Hearts: Photos @ Tent City in OUR City!

4 photos

Humble Hearts Organization joins Tent City in OUR City!

An amazing group that feeds the homeless and distributes needed items in Uptown and elsewhere 3 times a week. Please support them.

Humble Hearts is a 501(c)3 Non Profit Company that collects Clothing, Furniture, Food, & Misc. items to recycle them back out to people in need.



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