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Uptown Bike Cops Ticketing Homeless 9/14/2015

Chicago Harasses Homeless with Unconstitutional Criminalization

The criminalization of homelessness continues. This evening, police at the urging of Alderman (“I’m a social worker”) Cappleman gave tickets to dozens of homeless people… for the “crime” of sleeping in a tent instead of a refrigerator box! Alderman Cappleman should be ashamed of himself… The Chicago Police Department should be ashamed of themselves… They broadcast one homeless person being fed but criminalize hundreds…

Dear Chicago Park District


Dear Chicago Park District

As a Chicagoan I would like to tell you that your parks are beautiful. I appreciate the millions of dollars you have taken to beautify, build and create for all the residents in the city to enjoy. I appreciate being able to go lay out in the sun on the sand and take in all the beauty around me that you have made possible. But being a provider to the community, and a tax payer I am concerned on how you treat the homeless.

I don’t understand the harm in allowing them to rest their tired feet at the end of the night by sleeping under a tree? I don’t understand why you have taken a personal vindictive against someone who has no money in their pocket to pay for a room or a provide a home for themselves? Why has the homeless become your enemy? Why do you pick on them by demanding the police department to wake up, kick out and sometimes force hardship on a man or woman who has no place to go?

As beautiful as you are on the outside you are so ugly on the inside it saddens me how you become evil and mean to humans. It saddens me to know that in a beautiful city such as Chicago it is ran by the ugliest people. Our tax dollars support you and what you call your property but the truth is that land belongs to God, Mother Nature, & the universe borrowed to you. Hurting the homeless only shows what kind of people you are on the inside. When the park closes there are no children out there so why can’t you allow them to sleep through the night in peace then at waking hours ask to leave? Why not let them be as they have nowhere else to go? Why be so inhuman to another human when God created us to rest our eyes and sleep? A right that you get to have in a bed with a roof over your head every night as well as your family.

How sad with a budget of 385 million dollars most of that money goes into the pockets of higher authorities when you could support a local shelter to open more beds for the homeless to sleep. Why don’t you offer some of these homeless people a job cleaning up the park, throwing out trash to give them income so they can pay for a home?

Michael P. Kelly, & Mayor Rahm Emmanuel you two are heartless, cruel human beings who need to find the land of OZ and ask the wizard for a heart!

Soon we will live in a world where we help the low income and homeless be able to enjoy the right to life. As you sit there with your pockets open sucking in people’s money keep in mind that we pay your salary. One day enough is going to be enough the right legal team & Equal rights lawyers will unite to work to win back human rights that you have taken away.

Money that you waste by taking officers from crime watching communities to harass, move, and abuse homeless people is a shame. Corruptions only gets you so far eventually it will catch up to you. How disgusting public figures who walk around in suits with drug addictions, the wisp of alcohol, and enjoying under cover sexual escapades are to judge a homeless person. You all are hypocrites!! Pathetic hypocrites who are bullies, & picks on the misfortune souls. Its people like you who crush hope by allowing abuse on a helpless people who can’t fight or defend themselves. Its people like you who make us all lose respect for the Government. Homelessness isn’t going to go away Chicago Park District because Rahm helps create this problem along with governor Rauner. By cutting programs, funding, and facilities that help people from becoming homeless. Take some damn accountability take some of that corrupted funding you all get and come up with a solution to one you help create!

As a Chicagoan my voice may not be important to you but there are more out there like me… I am searching for them and we will be back to keep on screaming until we are heard. We are tired of authorities wasting money on hurting the homeless when you could be spending that money wiser!

Concerned human being
-Carol M Boyd
-An Uptown Tent City Organizer & Founder of Humble Hearts

Yehuda: Photos @ Tent City in Uptown 2

24 photos – From the August 29-30 Tent City in Uptown: A Sleep Out and Protest

The park district, law enforcement and local leaders continue to displace the homeless under the lake shore drive viaducts and along the lakefront parks. We see these attacks as part of a larger strategy pushed, most notably by Alderman Cappleman, to eradicate the homeless from the Uptown neighborhood entirely. Many of those who are now being harassed once had housing that was bought up and flipped by local developers with the help of local city officials. In protest along with the homeless themselves, we will be sleeping out in tents to bring light to this war waged by the city on Uptown’s most vulnerable. This protest will call for more low-cost housing in the neighborhood, an end to harassment of social services and shelters by the alderman and city, an end to the mass evictions of those who are near homeless, inclusive people based development, an end to the mass removal of the homeless under the viaducts and in parks.

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