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Hands Off The Homeless! Take the fight to CAPPLEMAN’s Home!

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As part of an apparent campaign to drive homeless people out of Uptown, Chicago Police have escalated their campaign of intimidation and harassment, threatening arrests and giving out bogus tickets to people who obviously cannot afford to pay.

But residents and community allies are fighting back. Since police and Alderman Cappleman have brought these issues to where the homeless and most vulnerable sleep, we have decided to bring it back to where Alderman Cappleman sleeps.

Join us for a rally and march through the neighborhood to the alderman’s residence. We will meet to rally at Wilson and Marine, then march to Kenmore and Lawrence where Ald. Cappleman has the luxury to sleep every night as he goes after those who do not.

The illegal police harassment of Uptown’s homeless is part of a larger coordinated effort pushed by the alderman to eradicate them from the neighborhood in the interests of real estate and personal profit.

The brutal irony is that Cappleman himself has promoted much of this homelessness:

**By voting to close 1/2 of the city’s mental health clinics

**By promoting the closure of several low-cost housing options in the ward for those who are at risk of being homeless.

**By voting to use of public money (TIF funds) to subsidize commercial and residential developments for the wealthy rather those in most need.

**By voting to sell off public assets, like the Stewart School, for luxury developments.

**By harassing existing social service providers in the ward, such as trying to shut down the Salvation Army food trucks feeding the poor

As Alderman, Cappleman could speak out and demand that the resources currently wasted on illegal police harassment to cease, and instead put those resources towards low income housing and other urgently needed services.

Since he has failed to do so, we are taking that message to his doorstep —

5:30 PM, meet & rally @ Wilson Ave & Marine Drive, then MARCH!

Uptown Chicago Cops LIE ABOUT THE LAW

November 1, 2015

Cops LIE ABOUT THE LAW last night to harass homeless in Uptown. We cite the ordinances they do, and show how they lie.

Watch, share and PROTEST that Chicago Police are trying to drive the homeless out of Uptown to pave the way for gentrification!

We need resources for housing the homeless, NOT for cops who violate our rights!

Help stop Alderman 1% Cappleman & Rahm Emanuel’s war on the poor. Help stop the unconstitutional criminalization of people experiencing homelessness, join the Uptown Tent City protest movement:

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