To tent or not to tent…

“Increasing the pain by requiring an inconvenience serves to motivate them” Incompetent ‘social worker’ 46th Ward Alderman James Cappleman in 2009

It’s a common criticism from homeless haters that feeding the homeless or otherwise providing sustenance including protection from the elements is preventing them from seeking ‘real’ help.

Haters will say that people experiencing homelessness should be in shelters or housing. I personally have never met a homeless advocate that prefers people living ‘rough’ to living in shelters or housing. Guess what, haters faux concerns are lies. The very same complainers will be there demanding the shutdown of shelters and nixing more affordable housing in a different interview.

“Inconvenience”, what an interesting choice of words… In the specific case of Uptown Tent City, motivating the homeless by not having a tent, not having coats or blankets and starving them… all this basically, literally can KILL them. What haters propose as inconvenience or motivation good for the homeless is death, frostbite and starvation.

You can’t use simple-minded hateful solutions for complex problems like homelessness. Among other reasons, simple-minded hateful solutions just don’t work. Letting people suffer and die while society works on these complex problems is not only inhumane but moronically foolish.

No wonder they complain anonymously…

No heads, no names – why? Because deep down they know their position is one that is shameful and embarrassing. Their ‘helpful advice’ is nothing less than the sanction and promotion of death and torture. If not by actual deed then by ignoring human tragedy and walking away from it with childish and selfish whining, and by filling digital space and neighborhood news with hateful advice.

For sure, some people will motivate in the haters imagined way to a threat of death, harm and starvation. The majority will not. It doesn’t work.

No one dislikes cameras and public speaking more than me but…

I care more about the over 100,000 homeless in Chicago than I do my own singular vanity. UTC Organizers don’t need or want personal gratitude or recognition. We do what we do, because we are human beings and this is what non-defective human beings do. A real community cares and helps its neighbors in need. They rise to tragedies in their extended human family. They don’t make piddly excuses and hide their heads and names in shame.

Non-defective humans don’t stand on stages and and say they care about the homeless, then turn and do nothing for them. They don’t jump for months, even years to give private luxury housing $15.8 million public funds subsidies like Ald. Cappleman and his haters do, while hundreds of feet away full-fledged human beings and constituents flirt with death…


UTC Organizer Yehuda Rothschild, head and misspelled name included, standing up for what is right. VIDEO:…


UTC Organizers Eric, Cindy and Kolya Clayton w/friend, names and heads included, standing up and doing what is right.


UTC Organizer Ryne Poelker, name and head included, standing up and doing what is right. VIDEO:

Important quote:

“Ryne Poelker of Uptown Tent City says supporting the short-term effort to provide tents doesn’t mean the group doesn’t back the idea of long-term solutions.”

UTC Organizers are not just supporting short-term and long-term efforts. We are not just talking about it. We are doing something about it and with the help of hundreds of great caring people!

UTC Organizer Andy Thayer, name and head included, standing up and doing what is right in the VIDEO auto-starting at 10:50.

And there are many more great UTC Organizers. Too many for this blog posting but all essential.

UTC Organizers do more than Ald. Cappleman and his legion of nameless headless haters do. This is just a fact. Not because we are great or wonderful but because our cause is.

All humans have a right to housing, health and sustenance – period!

UTC Organizers would like to see Uptown Tent City thriving, healthy and free from harassment as a STOPGAP measure. We’d like to see land allocated and tiny home villages built as a STOPGAP measure. We like to see more and better shelters including some for harm reduction, couples (unmarried & LGBT), pets and more as a STOPGAP measure. We are not going to stop working for all that and more.

In the meantime we will do everything we can to get people into shelters and housing.

Our goal is unconditional permanent affordable housing for everyone. Period. No homeless. No one living in viaducts or parks.

Haters need to get names, heads and take humanity lessons.


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