Feb. 19 viaduct cleaning: Wilson Avenue

I am so glad the city of Chicago gives a one week warning and seems to be aware they are under the public microscope. Compared to the past when they would just line up garbage trucks and throw away everything it’s an improvement. But still…

Viaduct cleanings are horrible and costly events

It’s inhumane, the psychological damage the city causes to the people experiencing homelessness at the viaducts. You would have to be there. These pictures do not even begin to convey the pain inflicted. Imagine if in a few hours you had to move the contents of your home 100 feet down the street so it could be swept with brooms. Imagine the damage it would cause to your possessions and state of mind… Imagine how much worse it is for people experiencing the disaster of homelessness and the many with serious healthcare needs… All for a broom sweeping, not even for a power wash and on a day with gale force winds…

UTC ‘Tents for the Homeless’ GoFundMe spent over $1000.00 fixing the damage the city caused

Day one we replaced about 15 tents and associated tarps. Many thanks to our donors for enabling us to be able to respond to these large scale emergencies. This weekend we will replace around 5 more tents and associated tarps. I can only imagine what the cost of 13 city vehicles and 22 city workers present at the cleaning added up to. Only about 5 workers were doing any kind of work. The city of Chicago needs to clean its own house first. When they do, maybe they will adopt a housing first model instead of the torture first model presently practiced.

These pictures are from just the Wilson viaduct. Irving Park, Lawrence and Foster viaducts also had the same bogus cleanings.

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