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Official Uptown Tent City supporter shirts


Free with Tents for the Homeless donations

$20+ donation in person or $30+ donation online, shipping included.

UTC shirts are printed by our friends and neighbors at BellyAcres, the premium choice of compassion and activist groups. In every possible way, you are helping people experiencing homelessness. You are promoting the cause, directly providing tents AND BellyAcres profits go to support the Cornerstone homeless shelters in Uptown Chicago. Win-Win-Win.

  • To make arrangements to donate and get your shirt(s) in Uptown near the Wilson viaduct, reach out to me on our contact page (disabled)
  • To donate online and get your shirt(s) shipped to you, visit our donation page (disabled)

Uptown Tent City Shirts are Born!

Thanks for your continued support and caring for our neighbors in Uptown experiencing homelessness.


Housing is our right!
March for Affordable Housing and Homeless


Summer is over, cold weather quickly approaching, and thousands of people are still homeless. Many more are threatened with losing housing because of rent increases, real estate speculation, more regressive taxes and the gentrification of our communities.

    • Rather than put new funds into housing the homeless, the City has responded with illegal police harassment of the homeless, threatening to destroy their possessions, including tents that offer a measure of protection against the coming cold. It is insulting that Mayor Emanuel, under the guise of “cleanings,” wastes taxpayer dollars on this harassment at a time of alleged budget crises.
    • Rather than fund several low income housing projects (“SRO’s”) threatened with closure, Mayor Emanuel and Uptown Alderman James Cappleman approved a $15.8 million TIF giveaway (our tax money) to a politically connected developer to develop luxury housing with one bedroom apartments renting for over $2000 a month.
    • For lack of a few hundred thousand dollars – chump change compared to the millions Cappleman has showered on housing for the wealthy – the shelter at the Preston Bradley Center is slated to close just before Christmas. Our neighborhood has lost over 1000 units of SRO housing since Cappleman was elected, most recently losing 163 units at The Lorelei on Lawrence and 75 units at The Hazleton on Montrose.
    • Rather than follow the will of numerous City-organized community meetings to transform the old Stewart School into affordable housing and other community-friendly projects, Emanuel’s hand-picked Board of Education sold it to a private developer to do as they will. Another developer is seeking to buy, change the zoning on the building at Broadway and Wilson (where City Sports is), and build a 197-unit high rise, yet he won’t even say what the rents will be.

    As more low income housing is destroyed, the rents of all working class people increase, as more people are chasing fewer affordable housing – it’s simple market economics. Uptown is losing its families, its diversity and the affordability that has made it unique in the city.

    Alderman Cappleman and Mayor Emanuel, rather than representing the needs of the people who elected them have been totally supportive of the gentrification.

    Enough is enough! It is time to take action, before we lose our whole community!

    • Let’s raise our voices and together demand that the City put every dollar necessary into our community to keep it affordable!
    • No TIF funds and subsidies for luxury housing.
    • Community needs first! People before profits!

    Now is our time to move!

    Meet: Monday, October 3, 5:30 PM – Wilson Avenue viaduct by Lake Shore Drive.
    March and Action to follow

    Facebook Event:

    North Side Action for Justice, Uptown Tent City Organizers, Gay Liberation Network

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