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Alderman Cappleman’s ‘abusive’ is exactly the same thing as Trump’s alternative facts

When the Uptown Tent City viaducts close for repair, is this what we can expect?

People have to be somewhere

Regardless of how you feel about people experiencing homelessness, hateful or delusional opinions about them will not change the laws of physics. People are going to exist somewhere, whether you like it or not.

The Lake Shore Drive viaducts at Wilson and Lawrence provide an important release valve for all of us. People sometimes have, for whatever reason, nowhere else to go in this broken economy. The factual causes are the lack of options that are specifically designed by our government. This lack of options is aggravated more so every day by dishonest legislators.

Activists, self included, are concerned that treatment of the homeless will revert back to the horrible state of 2 years ago, before the Uptown Tent City Organizers began to document and protest the abuse as shown in the video above.

If you walk and talk like Trump, you are not a progressive or even a centrist Democrat

Beside phony labels, I see no difference between 46th Ward Alderman James Cappleman, Mayor Rahm Emanuel, and DFSS Commissioner Lisa Morrison Butler, compared to Donald Trump and his minions.

Actions prove it. Remember this before you vote again. If the Alderman, Mayor, and Commissioner disagree, I challenge them to prove me wrong, and do it before the viaducts close for repair.

House them or leave them alone

House them in Uptown. Permanently. Before the viaducts close. Put your money where your mouth is. Start spending those 100’s of millions of CHA and Airbnb dollars. At the very least, designate another tent city area in Uptown, so at least people can fend for themselves. People have to be somewhere.

Even perfectly executed goals of 75 last year and 100 this year, qualify as a cruel heartless joke, considering there are tens of thousands of people experiencing homelessness in Chicago. The Chicago Coalition for the Homeless estimated last month that in 2015, over 80 thousand people experienced homelessness in Chicago, the latest and most reliable figures available.

Don’t act like Trump. People are more hip to lying politicians every day.

Stop lying and stop classifying real facts as ‘abusive’ like you did with Andy Thayer’s excellent and 100% factual Huffington Post article:

City’s Pilot Program vs. Homelessness Another Rahm Failure by Andy Thayer

Ald Cappleman’s complaint, and Huffington Post’s discussion with Andy about it

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True facts rarely resemble Donald Trump’s alternative facts, and in this case, the true facts do not resemble in the slightest Cappleman’s alternative-facts.


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