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Chicago Police Dept Notifies Uptown Tent City People Have No Right to Exist Somewhere

Police Evict Tent City 3 to Other Side of Sidewalk

The morning of September 19, 2017, the Chicago Police Department began the process of brutally evicting Uptown Tent City 3 for the 3rd time. Trucks lined up to receive their homes and every possession they had, as armed and bullet-proof vested police notified every tent inhabitant they had to go immediately.

After the police finished bullying and scaring everyone, tearing Uptown Tent City to pieces in the process, residents and activists were able to move some tents and possessions to the other side of the sidewalk. Other tents and possessions were thrown into the waiting trucks and hauled off.

How sick and abusive the City of Chicago is

Alderman James Cappleman and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, you own this militaristic attack on citizens. Your lies are broken and so is the public’s faith in you.


Failure of Useless DFSS at Uptown Tent City 3

High Salaried Useless City Department

I’m sure it doesn’t help having lying politicians like 46th ward Alderman James Cappleman and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel set false and hidden goals, but the Chicago Department of Family & Support Services (DFSS) surely define what a failed City department looks like.

Whether you hate or love the homeless, no one gains by having a corrupt, misprioritized government like we do in Chicago and particularly the 46th ward.

Well OK, ferris wheels, ice skating rinks, luxury high rises and the like fair pretty well, but come on these are inanimate objects. OK, a handful of super rich campaign donors make out like bandits. OK, not ‘like’ but as actual bandits…

Lisa’s current salary is listed as $175,002.00

DFSS is run by Lisa Morrison Butler, graduate certificate in Marketing Communications Strategy, zero education in homelessness. She is super high paid mouth piece for the Mayor, a Member of the Mayor’s Cabinet. This is key facet of the way the Mayor operates. It’s not about a successful mission, it is about successfully managing the Public Relations of a planned and purposeful failure.

WOW! Plus the newest trucks and vehicles are always on display at Uptown Tent Cities. When they say the are spending money on the homeless, its not the homeless who reap full value, its the departments, employees and what not, plus whatever gets siphoned away, lost, misplaced, whatever they want to call it.

One Person or Fifty?

The DFSS 2017 budget is $403,758,963. Page 128 in the link below. Apparently they can’t soothe their failure with even a few months of Lincoln hotel rooms while they finish delivering on their promise to house everyone in real housing not shelters. 50 people x 30 days x 3 months x $50/night = $225,000. Hey with the benefits Lisa gets I’m sure this is more or less equal. One person or Fifty?

If Alderman Cappleman and Mayor Emanuel were the kind of people that just lived up to their promises, they wouldn’t need the PR ‘skills’ or expense of Lisa Morrison Butler. Think about it.

I would not be surprised if the City spent over One Million Dollars eradicating Uptown Tent City 1-4. Again, think hotels on Lincoln Avenue, they could have hoteled 50 people for a year and come out smelling like roses.

But no, a bloody massacre without the blood is so much more fun for the city, abusive as they are.


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