The poison in the Uptown community well

Perspective points can be misleading

I think most people in the homelessness subject discussion are at some point intersecting reasonable perspectives, except for the polluters.

Almost everyone has something to gain supporting housing the homeless and not supporting the constant growing inequity our government officials administer, except for the polluters.

I’m a -very imperfect- follower of Jesus. I believe in the human condition as described by my Lord. When Jesus said “The poor you will always have with you” Matthew 26:11 NIV, it had nothing to do with continued self-causation of poverty but that greed, selfishness and corruption would always be part of the human condition creating and recreating poverty.

That said, I have owned and paid taxes on several modest homes and properties, I understand the perspective. Beyond that ~30 years ago I was a junior equity member of a development team, I was in property management prior to that. I understand those perspectives. I know first hand what happens in boardrooms, aldermanic and rental offices. The average person would be appalled and with good reason.

Good, even great Democrats

The sad thing is that most of us thought we were good, even great Democrats and doing the community a favor with our actions. Just like Alderman Cappleman and his cohorts are now, then we were so confused whether wood, bricks, steel and concrete, or living feeling human beings equaled community…

Since my days, this injustice has only gotten more sophisticated in it’s unbalanced growth and deception. You can believe I am far wealthier having a different perspective today.

Among the Uptown community, I think all sides have more in common that we realize, even if we have different balances that make us uniquely human. The potential is there to have better communications and understanding.

The big exception to all this is the pollution and it’s progenitors, which are bad for everyone. You can’t compromise or have honest discussions and followup with greed, selfishness and corruption. It has to be rooted out, which is not likely without force. One can hope elections and the courts will do this, but I suspect a let them eat cake moment is more likely eventually. We shall see…

Uptown’s community garden needs weeding

To put this in today and real examples, Cappleman has to go. Its difficult to define criminality when the criminals write the legal definition, but through a neutral lens and barring Cappleman having a major personal epiphany, Cappleman is and will remain criminally inhumane and part of a corrupt system and enterprise. The Mayor and many others too.

Most people do not want people to be homeless or suffering, for a variety of reasons and with a variety of proposed solutions. It is complex. I pray more people do not learn true empathy by experiencing pain and learning the hard way as I did. In the meantime no one gains by people sleeping in doorways and viaducts, people that love them or hate them. This needs to be fixed.

The gov’t will continue to throw crumbs at the populace while they rob the City blind until we stop them. A crumb for me might be 75 people housed out of 80k+ homeless. A crumb for someone else might be a bike lane.

Don’t elect foxes to guard the hen-houses please

Paying higher taxes subsidizing a wealthy luxury housing developer is NOT a crumb. Why some perceive it as such I don’t know… And just who thinks its a good idea to public payroll a defacto Real Estate industry lobbyist as alderman? The only beneficiaries of developing only luxury housing instead of balanced for all housing needs are the developers and their bought and paid for lobbyists. If you are not one of them, you lose no matter how the lie goes…

Meanwhile hundreds of millions of dollars continue to be stolen, lost or misappropriated in the sick prioritization that every one of us pays for, some with more pain than others… Don’t believe it? Ask on our Facebook Page/Group. Facts stand for themselves.

Alderman James Cappleman voted in the largest property tax increase in Chicago history

That is a fact. And there are many more verifiable facts. Stand on the side of reality. Facts are your friends.

Positioning your property tax status against the homeless is a math error at the very least. Consider placing your tax angst at the true cause, instead of being manipulated into using it falsely and divisively.

No one gains in corruption except those who give and receive the bribes. Even if your concerns are nothing more than clear sidewalks, housing the homeless instead of letting your alderman live in the pocket of Real Estate developers costs a whole lot less. Everyone gains, except the pollution.

Don’t let Democracy be the big loser

If you pay property taxes directly or through a lease, live in a shelter, live outside or have any other form of residence in Uptown, you are of equal value morally and legally.

Everyone should support the Uptown Tent City Organizer lawsuits for homeless rights. You shouldn’t be fooled into sweeping human beings under the rug as Cappleman advises and pontificates at great confusion intended length with his cornucopia of lies.

This is the real addict talk, blame-shifting victims or other wards, and rationalizations piled as high as kites. Don’t even start me on the childish anonymous behavior the Cappleman family and staff play online. This guy is a real work. How embarrassing. We can do better.

Ald. Cappleman IS the father of today’s tent cities

And tomorrow’s if we let him continue.

Depleting Uptown of 2000 units of low cost housing is part of the cause, not part of the solution of homelessness. More of the same will only make things even worse. Chasing away services and hassling non-profits, ditto.

No one fails the ‘evidenced-based’ test more than Cappleman himself.

We can’t wait until the next election. Demand fairness for all, and honesty and transparency in government through the courts until we can elect better legislators.


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