City Decides There’s a Homelessness Problem at Lake Shore Drive Viaducts

As part of a transparently cynical move to stave off a threatened federal court injunction to halt the Sept 18th eviction of homeless people at the Lake Shore Drive bridge viaducts in Uptown, this morning the City apparently decided that there is problem with homelessness there.

After many failed promises of permanent housing for the homeless at the viaducts, shiny new Dept of Family & Support Services trucks with card tables pulled up this morning. Also there were various private social services agencies, a few of whom told me they’d been asked just yesterday by the City to show up.

Nothing against the agencies and their workers, but we’ve heard the City’s promises many times before, and only when threatened with legal action do they suddenly show any energetic action.

This afternoon, Federal Judge Sidney Schenkier said he would set a hearing sometime next week to decide the fate of our move for an injunction to stop the evictions until the City either permanently houses everyone at the viaducts (ie, not temporary shelters) or allows people to set up tents in another space of similar visibility and safety, such as the pedestrian mall in front of the old Stewart School in the 4500 block of N. Kenmore.

-Andy Thayer

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