Uptown Tent City Lawsuit Decision Links

Surprise surprise, the Government ruled in favor of the Government. The Government can’t even convict itself of murder, much less homelessness.

Here’s some links about the Uptown Tent City Organizers court case decision. The City’s solution that everyone not housed go to Pacific Garden Mission shelter is completely unacceptable. Few, if any will take that option. I’d say it’s clearly not over yet.

If more articles become available, this list will be updated.

Judge Rules Against Homeless Residents Evicted From Under Viaducts

Tent City Homeless Must Leave Viaducts By Monday, Judge Rules

Chicago Tribune
Construction can proceed that will displace homeless in Uptown tent city, judge rules

Uptown ‘Tent City’ Will Be Evicted

US News
Judge Rules Construction That Will Displace Tent City Is Ok

Homeless in Tent City must leave by Monday, judge says


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