Chicago Police Dept Notifies Uptown Tent City People Have No Right to Exist Somewhere

Police Evict Tent City 3 to Other Side of Sidewalk

The morning of September 19, 2017, the Chicago Police Department began the process of brutally evicting Uptown Tent City 3 for the 3rd time. Trucks lined up to receive their homes and every possession they had, as armed and bullet-proof vested police notified every tent inhabitant they had to go immediately.

After the police finished bullying and scaring everyone, tearing Uptown Tent City to pieces in the process, residents and activists were able to move some tents and possessions to the other side of the sidewalk. Other tents and possessions were thrown into the waiting trucks and hauled off.

How sick and abusive the City of Chicago is

Alderman James Cappleman and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, you own this militaristic attack on citizens. Your lies are broken and so is the public’s faith in you.


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