Tent City in OUR City! Event & Press Release

Original photo by Melissa Marie Muto

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Protest – Protest – Protest – Meet your neighbors!

Protest the moving of people experiencing homelessness from under the viaducts in order to “clean up” and “make it safe” for concert goers to Cricket Hill at Montrose Beach that happened last week during Mumford and Sons. This time its the Beach Boys & Kool and the Gang Concert.

Protest everything that leads to people experiencing homelessness.

Protest private profits being prioritized over residents.

Protest gentrification and socio-economic discrimination.

Bring a tent, sleeping bag, or shopping cart and just set up camp. On the grass, under trees, wherever. Make sure there’s room to pass, so no blocking the sidewalks, simply be a presence to show solidarity with the homeless. Bring protest signs if you can.

Protest with us as long as you can. Bring food if you have any to share!

Press Release


PRESS RELEASE Friday 6/26, Tent City Protest Hits Uptown


June 26th, 2015
Tent City Protest in Uptown, Hands Off the Homeless! Community Rally and Demonstration Against Displacement and Systematic Attacks on the
Neighborhood’s Homeless

UPTOWN–Last week, the homeless tent encampments under the lakeshore drive viaducts at Lawrence and Wilson Avenues were cleared out and removed by the city for the Mumford and Sons concert. Many residents, community members and advocates found the goals of such removal were disingenuous and part of a larger long-term agenda to push low to moderate income people out of the neighborhood for real estate interests. It is also the same profit-driven agenda spear-headed by local area politicians, most notably Alderman James Cappleman who is known for his harassment of local services, shelters and even food trucks that fed those in need.

WHO: Community residents, homeless advocates, religious leaders and housing activists
WHAT: Rally and protest encampment against displacement
WHEN: Friday, June 26th, 2015, 3:00 pm to 11:00 pm
WHERE: Wilson viaduct under lakeshore drive at Wilson Avenue and Marine Drive

Community residents and allies of the homeless will come together to voice their opposition to repeated harassment of the neighborhood’s homeless under the viaducts. This Friday for the Beach Boys concert, people will demonstrate by setting up tents, carrying signs and passing literature under the Wilson viaduct. They will vocalize their opposition of the city using concerts and events as reasons to remove those peacefully sleeping under the viaducts and they will vocalize opposition to the agenda of making Uptrown a less diverse, less affordable and less inclusive place to live.

The forcible removal of these encampments are a continuation of the policies put forward by Alderman Cappleman and the real estate interests in city government who seem to be motivated to push poor and working class people out of the area as well as the entire city. It should be no wonder that when low-cost SRO housing is targeted and shut down, when mental health clinics close and when services receive brutal cuts year after year–that homelessness under viaducts would increase. The alderman and many city officials played a role in creating this crisis.

But the residents of the 46th ward and their allies are not going away. They are coming together to fight against these plans and start making plans of their own. From calling for more services to demanding more affordable housing, the people of Uptown are uniting to create a vision for the neighborhood that serves the interest of the community, not the interests of politicians, the prejudices of the wealthy or the private profits in industry. Uptown will exist as a community welcome to all, where all will have the right to exist in the community. This vision is not only possible, but it is needed for a vibrant inclusive sustainable future.



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