Failure of Useless DFSS at Uptown Tent City 3

High Salaried Useless City Department

I’m sure it doesn’t help having lying politicians like 46th ward Alderman James Cappleman and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel set false and hidden goals, but the Chicago Department of Family & Support Services (DFSS) surely define what a failed City department looks like.

Whether you hate or love the homeless, no one gains by having a corrupt, misprioritized government like we do in Chicago and particularly the 46th ward.

Well OK, ferris wheels, ice skating rinks, luxury high rises and the like fair pretty well, but come on these are inanimate objects. OK, a handful of super rich campaign donors make out like bandits. OK, not ‘like’ but as actual bandits…

Lisa’s current salary is listed as $175,002.00

DFSS is run by Lisa Morrison Butler, graduate certificate in Marketing Communications Strategy, zero education in homelessness. She is super high paid mouth piece for the Mayor, a Member of the Mayor’s Cabinet. This is key facet of the way the Mayor operates. It’s not about a successful mission, it is about successfully managing the Public Relations of a planned and purposeful failure.

WOW! Plus the newest trucks and vehicles are always on display at Uptown Tent Cities. When they say the are spending money on the homeless, its not the homeless who reap full value, its the departments, employees and what not, plus whatever gets siphoned away, lost, misplaced, whatever they want to call it.

One Person or Fifty?

The DFSS 2017 budget is $403,758,963. Page 128 in the link below. Apparently they can’t soothe their failure with even a few months of Lincoln hotel rooms while they finish delivering on their promise to house everyone in real housing not shelters. 50 people x 30 days x 3 months x $50/night = $225,000. Hey with the benefits Lisa gets I’m sure this is more or less equal. One person or Fifty?

If Alderman Cappleman and Mayor Emanuel were the kind of people that just lived up to their promises, they wouldn’t need the PR ‘skills’ or expense of Lisa Morrison Butler. Think about it.

I would not be surprised if the City spent over One Million Dollars eradicating Uptown Tent City 1-4. Again, think hotels on Lincoln Avenue, they could have hoteled 50 people for a year and come out smelling like roses.

But no, a bloody massacre without the blood is so much more fun for the city, abusive as they are.


Chicago Water Department Armed Security Forces expert at Uptown Tent City 3

Sorry for the abrupt end of this video, the (unseen before) person in the red hat was amazingly managing to convince the City he was the spokesperson, the City was taking him seriously and I had to stop it.

Homeless people really are scary to the City

Ralph Chiczewski, the Asst. Commissioner Safety and Security, City of Chicago, Department of Water Management, addresses people at Uptown Tent City 3 on September 19 2017.

According to Ralph’s LinkedIn, his responsibilities “which includes armed and unarmed Security Forces, Internal investigations, Planning and Execution for Major Events, Security Technology including cameras, access control and CPTED”, formerly Chicago Police Department, WOW! Homeless people really are scary to the City…

That said he was least unreasonable of all the City officials horribly mistreating the economic refugees in Uptown Tent Cities 1-4. That is not a compliment.

Every day people use the same land and grass with NO danger to the infrastructure there. Only in very dishonest self-deluded minds do the homeless pose a danger to the infrastructure there, it’s never going to happen. It is absurd that the homeless need a special negotiation and speech to be allowed there…

Amazing the amount of salaries and resources the City is willing to spend to get rid of the homeless

The moment Alderman Cappleman and Mayor Emanuel get what they want (the viaducts fenced and closed off or in another case the TIF approved) their lies turn into military-like swarms of cops and useless City Departments like DFSS etc.

I’ll bet the City spent a million dollars during the 4 days of Uptown Tent City 1-4 operations. Crazy, right?

Vote these crooks Alderman Cappleman and Mayor Emanuel out!!!


Uptown Tent City Lawsuit Decision Links

Surprise surprise, the Government ruled in favor of the Government. The Government can’t even convict itself of murder, much less homelessness.

Here’s some links about the Uptown Tent City Organizers court case decision. The City’s solution that everyone not housed go to Pacific Garden Mission shelter is completely unacceptable. Few, if any will take that option. I’d say it’s clearly not over yet.

If more articles become available, this list will be updated.

Judge Rules Against Homeless Residents Evicted From Under Viaducts

Tent City Homeless Must Leave Viaducts By Monday, Judge Rules

Chicago Tribune
Construction can proceed that will displace homeless in Uptown tent city, judge rules

Uptown ‘Tent City’ Will Be Evicted

US News
Judge Rules Construction That Will Displace Tent City Is Ok

Homeless in Tent City must leave by Monday, judge says


Post Uptown Tent City Injunction Hearing

VIDEO Interview with Alan Mills and Andy Thayer after the injunction hearing 9-14-2017

Ruling expected within hours of this post.

“The housing advocacy group Uptown Tent City Organizers filed an injunction last month as part of an existing federal lawsuit against the city. The group is asking U.S. Magistrate Judge Sidney Schenkier to halt the construction and stop the city of Chicago from evicting residents who live under viaducts along Wilson and Lawrence avenues near Lake Shore Drive.” Per Chicago Tribune

See also:

Chicago Tribune
Judge to rule Friday on whether homeless living in Uptown tent city must move

Judge to Decide Whether Homeless Residents Will be Evicted Friday

Fate of homeless who live under Uptown viaducts in hands of federal judge


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